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The revolutionary trio of organic therapy products. Blue Frost Butter, Blue Frost Spritz, and Blue Frost Muscle Roller offer three unique ways to indulge in the power of extreme ice effect. Blue Frost takes your skin and muscle tissue to new depths of refreshing coolness.


Experience the ultimate luxury with our Blue Frost Butter, a velvety smooth whipped formula that envelops your skin in a comforting warmth before gradually cooling it down. Immerse yourself in pure indulgence as this creamy butter works its magic, providing deep hydration while delivering an exhilarating icy effect. 

For an instant burst of extreme cooling sensation, use our Blue Frost Spritz. Designed to be sprayed directly onto targeted areas, this invigorating spritz provides a refreshing jolt of coolness that penetrates deep into your muscles. As you massage it in, feel the deep tissue cooling properties and achieve the ultimate cooling bliss.

Your new on-the-go companion. Engineered to provide convenience and relief, this sleek massage roller is your partner in combating muscle tension and experiencing the cooling benefits of Blue Frost wherever you go. Simply glide the roller over the back of your neck, sore muscles, or any targeted areas to effortlessly alleviate tension and promote a refreshing coolness that invigorates your body.

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