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Therapeutic  Products Made
Just for You!

Our Mission is to create Body Loving Products, that are made with wild-crafted, ethically sourced, organic and natural ingredients, that honours and supports your body's innate intelligence and ability to engage healing and repair.

We are dedicated to making therapeutic products that will refresh and nourish your skin, muscles, joints, ligaments and WHOLE BODY.

Products that support your body, mind and spirit

About Us

Mission Statement:

At Jacqueline Organics, our mission is to provide high-quality organic massage products that enhance the therapeutic experience for both clients and therapists. We believe in the healing power of nature, and our products are carefully crafted with only the best ingredients to nourish and support the body. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, we strive to promote overall well-being while minimizing our environmental impact.


Vision Statement:

Our vision is to revolutionize the massage industry by offering a diverse range of organic products that meet the needs of therapists in various disciplines. We aim to be a trusted brand known for our commitment to excellence, providing innovative, effective, and sustainable products that deliver exceptional results. By continuously researching and developing new formulas, we aspire to elevate the massage experience, promoting healing and relaxation for both clients and practitioners.

Beauty Products

 Science of making Therapeutic products

Explore the many ingredients that can go into making organic products and learn hands-on the benefits of these ingredients.  You will learn to make all natural and therapeutic products including creams, butters, sugar scrubs, aroma sprays and more.  This 7 hour workshop includes all supplies and organic ingredients. 

Christmas Gift
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